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The AIC School 2016 aims at bringing together PhD students and young researchers from all over Europe and the rest of the world in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere, and introduce them to the fundamental concepts of polymorphism and phase transitions.
The School will address all aspects of crystallographic analysis of structural phase transitions, including basics of thermodynamics, kinetics and atomistic mechanisms ruling the processes. These concepts will be presented along with phenomenological theories for the treatment of phase transitions, with emphasis on the application of general theory to experimental data.
Phase transformations occur in most types of materials, including minerals, diverse organic, inorganic and hybrid compounds, pharmaceuticals, foods, ceramics and even crystalline viruses, and have been studied in almost all branches of science. Perovskites will be the teaching tool of AICS2016, with examples spanning from mineralogical to hybrid organic-inorganic samples. Therefore, the School is mainly directed to students working in the fields of chemistry, Earth sciences, mineral physics and materials science, and is as well of interest for metal-organic chemists and molecular crystallographers.
Ambition of the School is to give the attendees a unitary view, despite the many and apparently diverse materials such phenomena occur in, and the sometimes different terminologies used in the different fields.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to Rimini!

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Anna Moliterni, Chiara Massera, Emanuela Schingaro and Serena Tarantino
AIC Commission on Crystallographic Teaching

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