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AICS 2017 Confirmed Speakers and Tutors

- Wayne Hendrickson (Columbia University, US)
- Werner Kuhlbrandt (Max Planck Frankfurt, Germany)
- Martin Walsh (Diamond eBIC, UK)
- Filippo Mancia (Columbia University, US)
- Fabrizio Martino (CIB Madrid, Spain)
- Tillmann Pape (Imperial College London, UK)
- Marta Carroni (SciLife Lab, Sweden)
- Mauro Gemmi (IIT Pisa, Italy)
- Arjen J. Jakobi (EMBL Heidelberg, Germany)
- B. Tom Burnley (CCP-EM,STFC, UK)
- Alessandro Vannini (ICR, UK)
- Paolo Swuec (University of Milano, Italy)
- Guy Schoehn (IBS Grenoble, FR)
- Pablo Conesa (I2PC Madrid, Spain)
- Ludo Renault (NeCEN, NL)

+ Presentations from technical specialists from FEI, JEOL, and Dectris

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