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Symmetry information in International Tables - Volume A: how to read (with tutorial)
Definition and exchange of crystallographic data (International Tables - Volume G)
Data collection and processing (with tutorial)
CIF and CIF automated validation (with tutorial)
Properties of Open Data, critical scrutiny, peer review
Crystallographic Semantics, Nomenclature, Dictionary
Databases and database usage (with tutorials)
LAAAMP Colloquium on synchrotron radiation


29 August, 17:00-19:00
- Opening Ceremony and Opening Lectures
- L. Kroon-Batenburg, The Science is in the Data
- B. McMahon, The devil is in the detail: sharing data

30 August
- Data collection, evaluation and interpretation (Lecturers: J. Hester, L. Kroon-Batenburg)
- Space-group symmetry; Understanding International Tables for Crystallography Vol. A (Lecturer: M.I. Aroyo)
- TUTORIAL (2h): Crystallography online by the Bilbao Crystallographic Server (Tutor: M.I. Aroyo)

31 August
- The CIF dictionaries (Lecturers: B. McMahon, J. Hester)
Two parallel sessions for small cell parameters (S) and macromolecules (M):
- Crystal structure validation (checkCIF); preparation of structural information for publication (Lecturers: S: C. Massera, L. Falvello; M: L. Vitagliano, L. Esposito)
- TUTORIAL (4h): “From raw data to CIF” (Tutors: H. Puschmann, C. Massera, L. Falvello, S.C. Tarantino, M. Zema)

1 September
Two parallel sessions for small cell parameters (S) and macromolecules (M):
- TUTORIAL (4h): “Understanding and responding to checkCIF reports” and “Publishing structure reports” (Tutors: S: C. Massera, L. Falvello, , H. Puschmann; M: L. Vitagliano, L. Esposito, R. Berisio)
Afternoon: City tour and free time

2 September
Two parallel sessions for small cell parameters (S) and macromolecules (M):
- Small molecule and PDB extension dictionaries (Lecturers: S: M.I. Aroyo, J. Hester; M: A. Mukhopadhyay)
- Other tools for submission of structure reports (Lecturer: B. McMahon)
- Presentations by students and discussion about the results of the tutorials
- Three parallel TUTORIALS (4h): (a) CCDC; (b) PDB; (c) ICDD

3 September
- Database-driven discovery (Lecturers: A. Mukhopadhyay, others to be confirmed)
- 12:00-13:00 Roundtable and Closing Ceremony

A detailed programme will be released soon.

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