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Due to the present health emergency in Italy and abroad, the AIC International School has been postponed to 2021, most likely in September. The exact dates will be communicated as soon as possible.
Looking forward to seeing you in Parma next year!

The AIC Commission on Crystallographic Teaching

Weak interactions have long been recognized of paramount importance in directing the chemical and physical properties of materials, affecting their structure and reactivity and regulating their activity in biological systems. Indeed, the analysis of weak interactions through crystallography and theoretical studies has proved to be fundamental for a plethora of different scientific disciplines.

The aim of AICS2020 is to provide students and researchers working in chemistry, materials science and molecular crystallography with a comprehensive overview of the different types of weak interactions which have been investigated in past and recent years, focusing on their role in the design of new solids endowed with specific properties.
Several aspects will be discussed, comprising the study of molecular electron density, the thermodynamic analysis in crystalline phases, crystal prediction and data mining, just to cite a few.
Theoretical lessons will be constantly alternated with practical tutorials and examples of applications taken from the fields of supramolecular chemistry and crystal engineering, with highlights on polymorphism, porosity, and surface analysis.

The school will be under the patronage of the events organized for Parma2020, when the city will be Italian capital of culture with the motto ‘La cultura batte il tempo’ (‘Culture beats time’), contributing to create a stimulating atmosphere for all the participants.

We very much look forward to welcoming you in Parma!

Paolo Lotti, Chiara Massera, Paolo Pio Mazzeo and Serena Tarantino
AIC Commission on Crystallographic Teaching

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