2nd Joint AIC-SILS conferenceFlorence, September 15-18 2014

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Celebrating IYCr 2014 (in Italian)
Davide Viterbo (U. Piemonte Orientale)
Incontri ravvicinati con cristallografi che ne hanno fatto la storia
Luigi Dei (U. Florence)
Cristalli, musica, poesia: tutta questione di simmetria!

Plenary Lectures
Marine Cotte, (ESRF)
Synchrotron-based Micro-analytical Techniques in the Studies of Art and Historical Artifacts

Dmitri Svergun (EMBL)
Synergistic use of Biological Small Angle X-ray Scattering with Macromolecular Crystallography

Christian Serre (CNRS, U. Versailles-St. Quentin)
From in/ex situ studies to applications of porous MOFs

Davide M. Proserpio (U. Milano, SCTMS Samara - Russia)
Periodic Structures and Crystal Chemistry: A history of the topological approach to crystal chemistry by means of the cds net.

MS1:Structural Biology at High and Low Angles
Chairs: P. Mariani (U. Marche) M Perduca (U. Verona)

MS2:Industrial Applications of Crystallography and Synchrotron Radiation
Chairs: M. Peloi (Elettra) F. Gozzo (Excelsus)

MS3:Probing Structure, Properties and Transformation Processes of Materials under Extreme Conditions
Chairs: M. Merlini (U. Milano) N. Casati (PSI)

MS4:New Frontiers in Methods and Techniques
Chairs: R. Menk (Elettra) D. Siliqi (IC-CNR)

MS5:News from the Crystal-Chemistry of Inorganic Compounds: from Nature to Tailor-Made Materials
Chairs: G. Cruciani (U. Ferrara) F. Costantino (U. Perugia)

MS6:Nano-Crystal Growth and Characterization
Chairs: S. Milita (CNR IMM) M. Longo (IMM CNR)

MS7:Nano and Advanced Materials: the Diffraction and Spectroscopy Points of View
Chairs: Morgante (CNR IOM, TS) M Leoni (U. Trento)

MS8:Advanced Radiation Sources
Chairs: E. Chiadroni (INFN L.N. Frascati) A. Lausi (ELETTRA)

MS9:Structure-Property Correlation in Molecular Crystals
Chairs: R. Centore (U. Napoli)

MS10:Mathematical Crystallography
Chairs: S. Leoni (U. Cardiff)

Large Scale Facility Updates
Elettra and FERMI: Maya Kiskinova
ESRF: Francesco Sette
XFEL: Gianluca Geloni
ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures): Giorgio Rossi
CNR Commission of Synchrotron Radiation and Neutrons: Giacomo Ghirighelli
Activities in Frascati: Massimo Ferrario

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