2nd Joint AIC-SILS conferenceFlorence, September 15-18 2014

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Schedule and Program

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The pdf version of the provisional timetable can be found here

Monday, September 15 2014
Aula Magna Rettorato, Università degli Studi di Firenze, P.zza S. Marco 4

12:00-14:00: Registration

14:00 – 14:30: Open Ceremony: Welcome from authorities
(Chairs: Michele Saviano, President of AIC, Federico Boscherini, President of SILS)
14:00 – 14:10: Prof. Alberto Tesi, dean of the University of Florence
14:10 - 14:20: Prof. Cristina Giachi, deputy mayor of the city of Florence
14:20 – 14:30: Dr. Luigi Ambrosio, Director of the Chemical Sciences and Materials Technology Department, CNR.

14:30 – 15:15: Plenary Lectures (Chair: Carlo Mealli)
Marine Cotte “Synchrotron-based Micro-analytical Techniques in the Studies of Art and Historical Artifacts”

15:15 – 15:40: AICNardelli Prize (Chair: Michele Saviano)
Rossella Arletti “Impose Pressure and Change Technology: Pressure-induced intrusion and organized nanostructures in zeolites”

15:40 – 15:55: AIC Ph.D. Thesis Award (Chair: Michele Saviano)
Paolo Lotti "Cancrinite-group minerals at non-ambient conditions: a model of the elastic behavior and structure evolution"

15:55 – 16:00: AIC Master Degree Thesis Award (Chair: Michele Saviano)
Valentina Loconte(Poster #1)

16:00-16:20: SILS-BioGem Award for bio-medical applications (Chair: Federico Boscherini)
Enrico Junior Baldassarri “Unravelling the Counter-ion Effects on Guanosine Self-Assembly: an Extended Structural Study”

16:20-16:40: SILS–SPECS Award (Chair: Federico Boscherini)
Mattea Carmen Castrovilli “Elementary processes of radiation damage in organic molecules of biological interest”

16:40-17:00: SILS-BRUKER Ph.D. Award (Chair: Federico Boscherini)
Lara Gigli “Synchrotron XRPD evidence of highly organized dye molecules in 1D nanochannels of Zeolite L”

17:00-17:30: Coffee break

17:30-17:45: Celebration of the International Year of Crystallography (Chair: AlessiaBacchi)
17:45-18:15: Davide Viterbo “Incontri ravvicinati con cristallografi che ne hanno fatto la storia”
18:15-18:45: Luigi Dei “Cristalli, musica, poesia: è tutta questione di simmetria!”

Tuesday, September 16 2014
Chiostro del Maglio, via Venezia, 5

9:00–9:45: Plenary Lecture (Chair: Giuseppe Zanotti)
Dmitri Svergun “Synergistic use of Biological Small Angle X-ray Scattering with Macromolecular Crystallography”

9:45-10:15: Coffee Break

10:15-12:15: MS1 & MS6

MS1:Structural Biology at High and Low Angles
Chairs: Paolo Mariani, Massimiliano Perduca (Auditorium)

10:15-10:45: Silvia Onesti “Macromolecular machines involved in DNA replication: an integrated structural biology approach”
10:45- 11:15: Adam Round “BioSAXS – Current possibilities for low resolution structural and functional studies”
11:15-11:35: Daniele de Sanctis “The ESRF Structural Biology beamlines”
11:35-11:55: Michele Cianci “EMBL P13 beamline at PETRA III @DESY: harnessing sulfur anomalous signal from biological macromolecules with a 4.6keV X-ray beam”
11:55-12:15: Alessandra Del Giudice “Structural insights into the shape and assembly of photosynthetic GAPDH/CP12/PRK complex by small angle X-ray scattering”

MS6:Nano-Crystal Growth and Characterization
Chairs: Massimo Longo, Silvia Milita (Conference Room)

10:15-10:45: Lucia Sorba “Growth of III-V nanowires: from fundamental physics to device applications”
10:45- 11:15: Giuseppe Nicotra “Advanced characterisation from the nanoscale to the single atom through (S)TEM”
11:15-11:35: DavideCalestani “Surface functionalization of ZnO nanostructures: designing material properties at nanoscale”
11:35-11:55: AntonellaGuagliardi “Unravelling the Growth of Pt Nanorods inside a Porous Matrix by Total Scattering Debye Function Analysis”
11:55-12:15: Giulio IsaccoLampronti “Direct observation of intermediates in a thermodynamically controlled solid-state dynamic covalent reaction”

12:15-13:15: Commercial Presentation I (Auditorium)

12:15-12:35: Lucia Robba (Bruker) “True data of the real nanoworld – N8 HORIZON”
12:35-12:55: DubravkaŠišak Jung (Dectris) “Advanced X-ray diffraction analysis using single-photon-counting detectors”
12:55-13:15: Paul Pennartz (Rigaku): “New 2D detectors and solutions for RigakuSmartLab(tm) Systems and recent developments in X-ray optics“

13:15-14:30 Lunch & Poster Session

14:30-16:30: MS3 & MS4

MS3: Probing Structure, Properties and Transformation Processes of Materials under Extreme Conditions
Chairs: Marco Merlini, Nicola Casati (Auditorium)

14:30-15:00: Mario Santoro “High pressure synthesis of novel materials”
15:00-15:30: Michael Hanfland “Crystallography at extreme conditions”
15:30-15:50: Ross John Angel “EosFit7: A new program for equation of state analysis”
15:50-16:10: RaffaellaTorchio “High pressure and low temperature structure and magnetism of cobalt”
16:10-16:30: Arianna Lanza “Pressure-induced structural and magnetic transformations in [(CuF2(H2O)2)x(pyz)] polymers”

MS4:New Frontiers in Methods and Techniques
Chairs: Ralf Menk, DritanSiliqi (Conference Room)

14:30-15:00: CinziaGiannini “Exploiting high brilliance synchrotron-like micro-focused beams in a table-top facility to study nano- and bio-materials”
15:00-15:30: Bernd Schmitt “Beyond PILATUS and Mythen: New frontier detectors for x-ray diffraction”
15:30-15:50: Francesco Carlà “In-situ Investigation of Electrochemical Growth Processes by Surface X-ray Diffraction”
15:50-16:10: PieroTorelli “APE beamline: a spectroscopic tool toward the investigation of magnetic properties in-operando conditions”
16:10-16:30: Nicola Corriero “QUALX2.0: a qualitative analysis program inquiring a freely available database”

16:30-16:50 Coffee Break

16:50-18:35:Large Scale Facilities Updates (Chair: Federico Boscherini) (Auditorium)
16:50-17:15: Francesco Sette: ESRF
17:15-17:40: Maya Kiskinova Elettra and FERMI
17:40-17:55: GianlucaGeloni: XFEL
17:55-18:10: Giorgio Rossi: ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures)
18:10-18:25: Giacomo Ghirighelli: CNR Commission of Synchrotron Radiation and Neutrons
18:25-18:35: Massimo Ferrario: Activities in Frascati

18:40-19:30: SILS Assembly (Auditorium)

20:30: Social Dinner at Palazzo Borghese

Wednesday, September 17 2014
Chiostro del Maglio, via Venezia, 5

9:00–9:45: Plenary Lecture (Chair: Diego Gatta)
Christian Serre “From in/ex situ studies to applications of porous MOFs”

9:45-10:15: Coffee Break

10:15-12:15: MS5 & MS2

MS5:News from the Crystal-Chemistry of Inorganic Compounds: from Nature to Tailor-Made Materials
Chairs: Giuseppe Cruciani , Ferdinando Costantino (Auditorium)

10:15-10:45: Angiolina Comotti “In situ polymerization and rotor dynamics in Porous Materials”
10:45-11:15: Enrico Mugnaioli “Biominerals by electron and synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction”
11:15-11:35: Maria Victoria-Rodríguez “Gas adsorption study on HKUST-1 of different particle size”
11:35-11:55: Elisa Boanini “Interaction of Calcium Phosphates with Bisphosphonates: from Composite Crystals to Calcium Phosphates Digestion”
11:55-12:15: Matteo Ardit “Spontaneous strain variation and thermodynamic properties through the monoclinic/ orthorhombic phase transition of ZSM-5 zeolite”

MS2: Industrial Applications of Crystallography and Synchrotron Radiation
Chairs: Marco Peloi, Fabia Gozzo (Conference Room)

10:15-10:45: Bernd Hinrichsen “Shedding light on the Structure of Novel Perovskite Photovoltaic Material”
10:45-11:15: Roberto Millini “Crystallography in an Industrial Research Laboratory: the experience of ENI”
11:15-11:35: Nicola Casati “Time is money: high throughput synchrotron XRPD“
11:35-11:55: Ed Mitchel “Industry at synchrotrons: a necessary evil or a win-win situation?
11:55-12:15: Lucia Maini “Multivariate analysis and Rietveld refinement for quantification of inorganic additives in animal feeds”

12:15-12:55: Commercial Presentation II (Auditorium)

12:15-12:35: ZoltánGál (Agilent): “Use of a single crystal diffractometer for polycrystalline sample characterization”
12:35-12:55: Eric Hovestreydt (Bruker): “Light-Atom Absolute Configuration Determination at Different Wavelengths”

12:55-14:30 Lunch & Poster Session

14:30-16:30: MS7 & MS8

MS7: Nano and Advanced Materials: the Diffraction and Spectroscopy Points of View
Chairs: Alberto Morgante, Matteo Leoni (Auditorium)

14:30: 15:00: Elisa Miniussi “Fine Tuning of Graphene-Metal Interaction”
15:00-15:30: Luca Palin “Investigation of layered and disordered materials by XRPD Raman and NMR”
15:30-15:50: AntonellaIadecola “Local strucure of nanostructured V2O5 probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy”
15:50-16:10: Paolo Moras “Free-standing vs. Ag(111)-supported: substrate effects on silicene properties”
16:10-16:30: Lise Pascale “Evidence of superconductivity in ordered tetragonal YBa2Cu3O7-x micro-crystals induced by chemical substitution”

MS8: Advanced Radiation Sources
Chairs: EnricaChiadroni, Andrea Lausi (Conference Room)

14:30: 15:00: Leonida Antonio Gizzi “All-optical X-ray and gamma-ray sources driven by ultraintense lasers”
15:00-15:30: Riccardo Cucini “Time resolved nanoscale dynamics in condensed matter: The TIMER project”
15:30-15:50: Stefano Lupi “Terahertz Radiation for Non linear and Pump-Probe Spectroscopy”
15:50-16:10: Fabio Villa “Two colors FEL at SPARC_LAB”
16:10-16:30: Alberto Bacci “Physics and Perspectives of Thomson/Compton Sources”

16:30-17:00: Coffee Break

End of the Joint SILS – AIC Congress

17:00-19:00: AIC General Assembly (Auditorium)

Thursday, September 18 2014
Chiostro del Maglio, via Venezia, 5

9:00–9:45: Plenary Lecture (Chair: Patrizia Rossi)
Davide M. Proserpio “Periodic Structures and Crystal Chemistry: A history of the topological approach to crystal chemistry by means of the cds net”.

9:45-10:15: Coffee Break

10:15-12:35: MS9 & MS10

MS9: Structure-Property Correlation in Molecular Crystals
Chair: Roberto Centore (Auditorium)

10:15-10:45: Alessandra Crispini “Intermolecular interactions in the design of molecular materials and their properties”
10:45-11:15: Fabrizia Grepioni“From drugs to pigments and sensors: co-crystallization as a flexible tool for properties enhancement of molecular materials”
11:15-11:35: Davide Capucci “Trapping liquid drugs in cocrystals and MOFs”
11:35-11:55: Fabiola Liscio “Does the organic field effect transistor operation affect molecular film structure?”
11:55-12:15: Werner Oberhauser “Linear α-Olefins Obtained with Structural Isomers of a Dinuclear Palladium Tetra-phosphanedioxide Complex”
12:15-12:35: Consiglia Tedesco “Towards the control of the solid state assembly of cyclic peptoids”

MS10:Mathematical Crystallography
Chair: Stefano Leoni (Conference Room)

10:15-10:45: Charlotte Bonneau “Why do we have to learn about crystal nets?”
10:45-11:15: ArinaPankowa “New Tools for Taxonomy of Nanoclusters in Intermetallics”
11:15-11:35: Mario Valle “Crystal fingerprints space a novel paradigm to study crystal structures sets”
11:35-11:55: Igor Baburin “From abstract nets to chemical compounds: applications to porous solids”
11:55-12:15: Senja Barthel “How knot theory can contribute to crystallography (tangled and braided structures)”
12:15-12:35: Ruggero Gabbrielli “Periodic simple tiling as models for monodispersed foam”

12:35-13:00: AIC Closing Ceremony (Auditorium)

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