2nd Joint AIC-SILS conferenceFlorence, September 15-18 2014

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The Opening Ceremony on 15 September of the Congress will be held in the Aula Magna of the University of Florence, Piazza S. Marco, 4.

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The conference (16-18 September) will be held in the Chiostro del Maglio (Caserma Francesco Redi), via Venezia 5, just in the centre of Florence. The site is the ancient nunnery of San Domenico in Cafaggio built at the end of the XIII century.

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The name “Maglio” was given in the late Renaissance and it derives from the name of a popular and ancient game played just close to the monastery. The game consisted in striking an iron ball with a long hammer towards a target.
In the middle of XIX century, the nunnery was used first as barracks for the Italian Bersaglieri. From 1882 to 1998 the prestigious Italian Army Medical School was located in this building. Actually the "Centro Militare di Medicina Legale, Angelo Vannini" is hosted.

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The conference room or Aula Magna is the ancient church decorated with frescoes of the Giotto's School. In the room, thin columns support the whole building.

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The cloister was built in the XV century. Only two covered walks are present and since 1924, one side is closed by an artistic wrought iron gate.

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In the center of the garden, it is located the bronze memorial by Ferrarese sculptor Minerbi dedicated to the Medical Doctors victim of wars.

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