3rd Joint AIC-SILS conferenceRome, June 25-28 2018

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The official language of the conference is English.

Scientific contributions
Participants are invited to submit a one page abstract for the poster section or, if selected, as short oral presentation not later than March 30th → extended to 20 April 2018.

Each participant can apply for just one contribution.

The template for abstract preparation can be download here

Please also indicate in the abstract if you would like to present a digital e-poster (see below for format details), by typing #E-POSTER# before the abstract Title.
Because the number of dedicated screens in the poster gallery is limited to 16, you will be notified in time on the type of poster you will have to prepare (paper or digital)
To upload the abstract, please login in the on-line registration procedure.

Oral presentations
Oral presentations will be selected among the submitted contributions.
20/15 minutes (15/12 minutes + 5/3 minutes for discussion) are dedicated to each oral presentation depending on the MS.

Poster presentation
The official poster sessions are scheduled on Tuesday June 26 from 13.10 to 14.30 (Session 1) and Wednesday June 27 from 13.10 to 14.30 (Session 2). Author(s) attendance is required.

Paper Format
A0 (84x119cm) is the request dimension for paper poster. Hanging material will be provided on site.

Digital Format (e-poster)
Digital files must be provided as JPEG images in portrait format with the following dimensions:

- width 1080 pixel; height 1830 pixel (if produced using 2D graphic software; Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, Inkscape, Corel Draw etc)
- width 28.6 cm; height 48.42 cm (if produced using PowerPoint)

As long as the dimension criteria are respected, the resolution at which you save your files will not affect the way the image is displayed. However, please export all JPEG files in one of the following tested resolution: 96dpi, 150dpi, 300dpi.

Each e-poster file must report in the bottom right corner the page (image) numbering as follows: "page number"/"number of pages" (e.g. 1/1 for one-page e-poster; 1/n - 2/n - - n/n for multi-page e-posters)


Each file must be saved as follows: eP_"Surname"_"page number"-"number of pages" (e.g. eP_Johnson_1-4, , eP_Johnson_4-4) and submitted to BEFORE JUNE 15th, indicating your Name, Surname and MS in the mail object. The ePosters will be per-loaded in the digital gallery screens, but it is advisable that you bring the files with you.

Since each page will be a static image do not invest your time in fancy PowerPoint animations because they will not be displayed.

Digital Poster Gallery

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