3rd Joint AIC-SILS conferenceRome, June 25-28 2018

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Short Programme
Programme & Book of Abstracts

Quik links - schedule of June: 26 | 27 | 28 | Posters: Session 1 | Session 2

Last update: 20.06.2018

Monday, June 25

CNR - Sala Convegni

12:30-13:00: Registration

13:30 – 14:30: Open Ceremony: Welcome

14:30 – 15:30: Plenary Lecture 1 (Chair: Enrica Chiadroni)
Giorgio Paolucci (Scientific Director at SESAME Synchrotron)
“SESAME: progress in commissioning and research opportunities”

15:30 – 16:30 AIC Awards and Prizes (Chair: D. Gatta)

- Best Graduate Thesis Award: Pietro Sacchi (Univ. di Milano)
- Best PhD Thesis Award: Luca Catalano (Politecnico di Milano)
- Nardelli Award: Matteo Alvaro (Univ. di Pavia)
- Felloship for Abroad research: Linda Celeste Montemiglio (Sapienza Univ. di Roma)
- Presentazione SILS del "2018 Europhysics Prize" della European Physical Society conferito a Lucio Braicovich e Giacomo Ghiringhelli per lo sviluppo e l'esplorazione scientifica della diffusione anelastica di raggi X ad alta risoluzione (RIXS)

16:30-17:00: Coffee break

17:00-18:30: Round Tables

Round Table: Large scale facility updates
Location: Sala Convegni
Chairpersons: D. Lamba, F. Boscherini
Contributions & topics of discussion:

L. Paolasini (ESRF): "ESRF and the upgrade program"
C. Mariani (Sapienza - Univ. di Roma): "Status of European user support programs"
R. Feidenhans'l (XFEL): "Status and perspectives of the European XFEL"
A. Franciosi (Elettra): “Elettra present and future and FERMI”
A. Morgante (CNR-IOM Laboratorio TASC - Trieste): "CNR contribution to ELETTRA 2.0"
M. Ferrario (INFN-LNF): "Challenges and opportunities of a plasma-driven FEL facility at INFN-Frascati"

Round Table of Young Crystallographers (Under 35 Members)
Location: Sala Polifunzionale
Chairperson: P. Mazzeo

19:00-20:00: Welcome Party - Casa dell'Aviatore - Viale dell'Università, 20

Tuesday, June 26

9:00–10:00: Plenary Lecture 2 (Chair: M. Bolognesi)
Daniela Rhodes (Nanyang Technological University Institute of Structural Biology, Singapore)
“The Resolution Revolution in Cryo-Electron Microscopy”

10:00-10:30: Coffee Break

10:30-12:30 MS1 & MS2

MS1 - Biocrystallography in Medical and Pharmaceutical Research
Chairs: B. Vallone, M. Rizzi | Location: Sala Convegni

10:30-11:00: S. Mangani (Univ. di Siena) “Protein crystallography contribution to drug discovery platforms. Benefits and pitfalls”
11:00-11:30: M. Degano (Osp. S. Raffaele) “Structural basis of B-cell receptor-mediated autonomous signaling in chronic lymphocytic leukemia”
Selected Short Talks
11:30-11:50: E. Mastrangelo “Type I and II BIR domains inhibitors in cancer therapy”
11:50-12:10: D. Ferraris “Structural investigations and substrate specificity of T. litoralis trans-3-Hydroxy-L-proline dehydratase”
12:10-12:30: A. Fiorillo “Unravelling the function of post-translational modifications in 14-3-3 from Giardia duodenalis

MS2 - Inorganic & Organic Functional Materials
Chairs: C. Massera, R. Arletti | Location: Sala Marconi

10:30-11:00: D. Armentano (Univ. della Calabria) “MOF–Driven Synthesis and X-ray Snapshots of Ultrasmall Metallic Nanoclusters for Unique Catalytic Activity”
11:00-11:30: A. Bacchi (Univ. di Parma) “Functional materials for the controlled storage and release of liquid ingredients”
Selected Short Talks
11:30-11:50: G. Di Santo “Supramolecular engineering of 2D molecular arrays: orbital mapping of selected organic/metal interfaces with Synchrotron Radiation”
11:50-12:10: R. Vismara “TUnveiling novel interactions between CO2 and nitro-tagged bis(pyrazolate) MOFs during adsorption at ambient conditions”
12:10-12:30: G. Pierri “Solvatomorphism and adsorption properties of a cyclic hexapeptoid”

12:30-13:10: Commercial Presentations | Location: Sala Convegni

12:30-12:50: ALFATEST The OCTET Systems to measure Protein, Antibodies and Small Molecules interactions (Read More →)
12:50-13:10: BRUKER: Best Data Quality from D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE (Read More →)

13:10-14:30: Lunch - Software Fayre & Poster Session 1

Poster Session 1 Posters from MS1 to MS4 | Location: Digital Poster Gallery & Aula Laguna

Software Fayre
Coordinator: A. E. Miele | Location: Aula Giacomello

13:40-14:00: N. Corriero (IC-CNR Bari) “OChemDb: the free on-line Open Chemistry Database portal”
14:00-14:20: F. Bertolotti (AIAS, Aarhus Univ. DK - To.Sca Lab, Uninsubria Como) “DebUsSy 2.0 - A powerful tool for characterizing structure, microstructure and morphology of nanomaterials through the Debye Scattering Equation”

14:30-16:30: MS3 & MS4

MS3 - Crystal-chemical behaviour in Mineralogy and Materials Science
Chairs: S. Nazzareni, G. Giuli | Location: Sala Convegni

14:30-15:00: M. Ardit (Univ. di Firenze) “New insight into the thermodynamic properties of high silica ZSM-5 zeolite: effect of adsorbed organic molecules”
15:00-15:30: M. Merlini (Univ. di Milano) “Complex structures and crystal chemistry of minerals at deep Earth conditions”
Selected Short Talks
15:30-15:50: D. Medas “From pressure to impact of metals to the environment: synchrotron techniques to unravel biomineralization mechanisms”
15:50-16:10: L. Bindi “Solid solution: Can this concept be applied to quasicrystals?”
16:10-16:30: F. Nestola “Super-deep diamonds: recent advances”

MS4 - Methodological and experimental developments in crystallography and synchrotron techniques
In memory of Davide Viterbo
Chairs: R. Rizzi, G. Aquilanti | Location: Sala Marconi

14:30-15:00: A. Altomare (IC-CNR) “Advanced methods for solving crystal structure by powder diffraction data”
15:00-15:30: L. Gregoratti (ELETTRA) “Bridging the material and pressure gap in synchrotron based photoelectron in situ/operando studies”
Selected Short Talks
15:30-15:50: D. Moscheni “Modeling Stacking Faults in Colloidal Quantum Dots”
15:50-16:10: F. Bardelli “Combining synchrotron radiation phase-contrast and fluorescence nanotomography to reveal the morphology and elemental composition of biological samples: the case of asbestos bodies”
16:10-16:30: M. Giorgetti “MRC-ALS for the Operando XAFS data analysis of Batteries”

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break

17:00-18:30 AIC Members Assembly | Location: Sala Convegni

17:00-18:30 SILS Awards and Prizes
Chairs: A. Di Cicco | Location: Aula Marconi

17.00-17.15 "Best PhD Thesis Awards" Ilaria Carlomagno (Univ. Roma 3)
17.15-17.30 "SILS young researcher Award" Paolo Dolcet (KIT, Karlsruhe)
17.30-18.00 "SILS Outstanding scientist award" Alberto Bravin (ESRF, Grenoble)
18.00-18.30 "SILS lifetime achievement award": Antonio Bianconi (RicMass)

Wednesday, June 27

9:00–10:00: Plenary Lecture 3 (Chair: )
Irene Margiolaki (Department of Biology, University of Patras, Greece)
“SMALLER crystals, FASTER experiments, BRIGHTER beams: Drug screening & innovation via X-ray powder diffraction”

10:00-10:30: Coffee Break

10:30-12:30 MS5; MS6 & MS7

MS5 - Contemporary challenges in Structural Biology: Cryo-EM and Integrative Approaches to understand complex molecular architectures
Chairs: P. Swuec, F. Forneris | Location: Sala Convegni

10:30-11:00: A. Vannini (ICR London) “Unveiling (class III) Transcription through Integrative Structural Biology”
11:00-11:30: M. Gemmi (IIT Pisa) “3D electron diffraction tomography of protein nanocrystals”
Selected Short Talks
11:30-11:50: E. Pellegrini “Structural and biophysical studies on the innate immune NOD2-RIP2 signaling”
11:50-12:10: M. Maritan “Integrative approaches to elucidate structure and dynamics of amylodogenic light chains”
12:10-12:30: S. Pilotto “LSD2-NPAC: new insights in nucleosome recognition”

MS6 - Epitaxial Crystal Growth at the Nanoscale
Chairs: S. Sanguinetti | Location: Sala Marconi

10:30-11:00: L. Geelhaar (Paul Drude Institute, Berlin) “Title”
11:00-11:30: G. Capellini (Univ. di Roma 3) “Nanoheteroepitaxy of group IV and III-V islands on patterned Si substrates, from Material Science to Devices”
Selected Short Talks
11:30-11:45: M. De Santis“In situ GIXRD study of cobalt ferrite ultrathin films grown on Ag(001) by MBE”
11:45-12:00: E. Tisbi “Strain-Engineering of the Optical properties of GaAsBi alloys grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy”
12:00-12:15: L. Sorba “Nanoparticle stability in axial InAs-InP nanowire heterostructures with atomically sharp interfaces”
12:15-12:30: R. Magri "Effects of surface diffusion and strain in MBE growth"

MS7 - Workshop SILS: Spectroscopy & Scattering with Synchrotron Radiation and FELs
Chairs: A. Di Cicco, P. D'Angelo | Location: Aula Giacomello

10:30-11:00: P. Dolcet (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) “Investigating the non-classical crystallization of nanostructured ferrites and manganites”
11:00-11:30: M.G. Betti (INFN) “Topology, electronic states and functions of porous graphene 3D architectures”
Selected Short Talks
11:30-11:50: F. Sessa “Unraveling the solvation properties of Lanhanide (3+) ions:
a combined Molecular Dynamics and XAS approach”
11:50-12:10: A. Verna “Photoelectron experiments from the gas state using X-ray free-electron lasers: investigation of the space-charge problem”
12:10-12:30: L. Avaldi “Insights in the fragmentation of glycine by PEPICO experiments”

12:30-13:10: Commercial Presentations - Sala Convegni

12:30-12:50: THERMOFISHER: The role of Cryo-electron microscopy in structural biology after the “resolution revolution” (Read More →)
12:50-13:10: Malvern Panalytical: Pure gyrotropic phase transitions in the arcanite related materials PbMGeO4 (M = Ba, Sr) (Read More →)

13:10-14:30: Lunch - Software Fayre & Poster Session 2

Poster Session 2 Posters from MS5 to MS11 | Location: Digital Poster Gallery

Software Fayre
Coordinator: A. E. Miele | Location: Aula Giacomello

13:40-14:00: A. Falcicchio (IC-CNR Bari) “QualX the computer program for qualitative analysis of powder diffraction data”
14:00-14:20: R. Caliandro (IC-CNR Bari) “RootProf, a program for multivariate analysis applied to diffraction and spectroscopic measurements”

14:30-16:30: MS8 & MS9

MS8 - Crystallography and Drug Design
Chairs: M. Saviano, M. Polentarutti | Location: Sala Convegni

14:30-15:00: P. Roversi (Univ. of Oxford) “Crystal oligomorph and Ligand Likelihood Assignment in CoaLLA”
15:00-15:30: D. Pala (Chiesi Farmaceutici) “At the interface of in silico and biophysical techniques: the role of crystallography in industrial drug design”
Selected Short Talks
15:30-15:45: C. Pozzi “Amino-thiadiazole as innovative inhibitors of human glutaminyl cyclase for the treatment of Alzheimer disease”
15:45-16:00: F. Angelucci “Small molecules uncover a new regulatory site in thioredoxin glutathione reductase acting as doorstops for NADPH entry”
16:00-16:15: S. Galli “Is it gold all that glitters in an API patent? The illustrative case of Tadalafil”
16:15-16:30: D. Siliqi “Characterization of the interaction between the EFL1 GTPase and the Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome missense mutants”

MS9 - Polycrystalline & Nano Materials
Chairs: C. Giannini, M. Brunelli | Location: Sala Marconi

14:30-15:00: P. Scardi (Univ. di Trento) “On the diffraction from nanocrystalline metal catalysts”
15:00-15:30: A. Guagliardi (IC-CNR) “The challenge of innovative nanocrystallography tools by integrating Small and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering Techniques”
Selected Short Talks
15:30-15:50: A. Procopio “Genesis of zn-hydroxyapatite in the early stages of biomineralization combining 3D synchrotron-based techniques and x-ray diffraction”
15:50-16:10: E. Fanizza “Ligand induced shape and phase transformation of colloidal lead halide perovskite”
16:10-16:30: G. Confalonieri “BaCexTi1-xO3 perovskite: how the local disorder influences the material properties”

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break

17:00-18:30 SILS Members Assembly - Sala Convegni

20:00 Social Dinner - Hotel Quirinale - Via Nazionale, 7

Thursday, June 28

9:00–10:00: Plenary Lecture 4 (Chair: Michele Saviano)
Margherita Venturi (Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna, Italy)
“Creating order from disorder: the bottom-up construction of molecular-level devices and machines”

10:00-10:30: Coffee Break

10:30-12:30 MS10; MS11 & Software Fayre

MS10 - Crystallography and Cultural heritage: Science and Passion
Chairs: G. Artioli, F. Zanini | Location: Sala Convegni

10:30-11:00: P. Baglioni (Univ. di Firenze) “Application of Neutrons and X-Rays to the Study of Materials for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage”
11:00-11:30: F. Grazzi (IFAC-CNR) “The ancient steel sword technology revealed through neutron imaging and Bragg edge neutron transmission”
Selected Short Talks
11:30-11:50: C. Finocchiaro “Possible reuse of ghiara in Catania Cultural Heritage through alkali chemical activation”
11:50-12:10: M. Secco “Crystallography of Ancient Hydraulic Mortars: a Combined Mineralogical-Spectroscopic Approach”
12:10-12:30: F. Zanini “ECHO – The Cultural heritage Platform at Elettra”

MS11 - In situ and operando investigations on materials synthesis and functional behaviour
Chairs: L. Palin, S. Gross | Location: Sala Marconi

10:30-11:00: J.D. Grunwaldt (KIT) “In situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy and advanced photon in/out techniques in catalysis and materials science”
11:00-11:30: R. Caliandro (IC-CNR Bari) “New methods and applications for in situ characterization of structural dynamics”
Selected Short Talks
11:30-11:45: J. Plaisir “In situ and operando X-ray diffraction at MCX@Elettra”
11:45-12:00: C. Lamberti “Structural determination of active sites by simulation of in situ and operando XANES spectra”
12:00-12:15: P. Dolcet “Microfluidic Synthesis of Au, Pd and AuxPdy Nanoparticles and In situ XAS Studies of Au NP Formation in a Continuous Flow”
12:15-12:30: T. Di Luccio "In situ Synchrotron X-ray Scattering during Extensional Flow Induced Crystallization of PLLA Enabled by Tube Expansion Deformation"

Software Fayre
Coordinator: A. E. Miele | Location: Aula Giacomello

10:30-10:55: L. Lutterotti (Univ. di Trento) “MAUD: a Rietveld extended program to fit diffraction, fluorescence and reflectivity data using X-ray, neutron, TOF or electrons“
10:55-11:25: V. Chaptal (CNRS UMR5086 MMSB - Lione) “Towards a better grasp of the detergent belt around membrane proteins in biochemical samples using the Det.Belt server“
11:25-11:50: M. Rocco (Ospedale Policlinico San Martino - Genova) “The Small-Angle Scattering and HPLC-SAXS modules of the US-SOMO software suite”
11:50-12:15: D. Nurizzo (ESRF - Grenoble) “Massif-1: a totally automated beamline for fragment screening“
12:15-12:40 A. Trapananti (XAS lab - Univ. di Camerino) “GNXAS: a package for x-ray absorption spectroscopy data analysis. Overview and recent developments”

12:40 Closing Cerimony - Sala Convegni

13:00 Lunch & Farewell

Posters (P) and Digital Posters (e-P)

mappa poster sessions
Click on the image to enlarge.

Session 1: MS1 - MS4

MS1 – e-P1: Structural Features of a Duplex-Quadruplex Anti-Thrombin Aptamer: the Highly Effective NU172, Romualdo Troisi
MS1 – P1: How to build a host-pathogen interactome: a proof of concept for Schistosoma mansoni and its human host, Adriana Erica Miele
MS1 – P2: Probing the role of Arg97 in the parasite Leishmania braziliensis Hsp90 through site directed mutagenesis on the human counterpart, Giusy Tassone
MS1 – P3: Insights into the PPARγ phosphorylation and its inhibition through direct and allosteric mechanisms, Roberta Montanari
MS1 – P4: In-situ and ex-situ synchrotron-assisted investigation of crystallisation phenomena in inorganic colloids synthesised under sustainable and unconventional conditions, Silvia Gross
MS1 – P5: X-ray fluorescence spectrometry beamline at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste. Perspectives for trace element analysis in material science and environmental applications, Giuliana Aquilanti MS1 – P6: The Protein Facility of Elettra: a new platform to support drug discovery, Paola Storici MS1 – P7: Characterization of Glycogen synthase kinase 3β and its interaction with SR90 inhibitor, Nicola Demitri
MS1 – P8: Axe7A: A novel CE7 Acetylxylan esterase found in rumen bacterium Prevotella ruminicola 23, Alberto Cassetta
MS1 – P9: A structure-based approach for novel immunodiagnostics targeting Trypanosoma cruzi and Schistosoma spp., Flavio Di Pisa
MS1 – P10: Structural and mechanistic insights into a bacterial L-arginine sensor integrating GTP and cyclic-di-GMP hydrolysis, Giorgio Giardina
MS1 – P11: Exploring the biosynthetic pathways of polyphenolic compounds in apple, Rosanna Caliandro
MS1 – P12: Molecular bases of PDE4D inhibition by memory-enhancing GEBR-library compounds, Tommaso Prosdocimi
MS1 – e-P2: Conformational dynamics in crystals reveal the molecular bases for D76N Beta-2 microglobulin aggregation propensity, Stefano Ricagno
MS1 – P13: The variability of backbone geometry as a new tool for protein structure quality evaluation, Luigi Vitagliano
MS1 – e-P3: Can we obtain new information from old protein crystals? The plasma retinol-binding protein case, Hugo L. Monaco
MS1 – P14: Hierarchical cluster analysis and its application to mesh and collect workflow, Gianluca Santoni
MS1 – P15: Molecular architecture of multifunctional human lysyl hydroxylase and galactosyltransferase LH3, Federico Forneris
MS1 – P16: Deglycating enzyme Amadoriase I: from native structure to thermal stabilitazion, Federica Rigoldi
MS1 – P17: SAXS study of Anti-CD20 antibody flexibility and conformational stability, Benny Danilo Belviso
MS1 – e-P4: The ribosome biogenesis factor RsgA from Pseudomonas aeruginosa: biochemical and structural characterization, Serena Rocchio
MS1 – e-P5: Structural determinants of neuroglobin dynamics by static and time-resolved X-ray methods, Cécile Exertier
MS2 – P18: Unravelling the High-Pressure Behavior and Stability of Fluorenone Dye-Zeolite L Hybrid Materials, Simona Quartieri
MS2 – P19: Cocrystalization as powerful tool to stabilize essential oil in the solid state, Claudia Carraro
MS2 – P20: New insight into CuCl2/isonicotinate system: Effects of solvent composition and silica gel, Fabio Beghi
MS2 – P21: Detection limit and speciation of Ni in spent catalysts, Monica Dapiaggi
MS2 – P22: X-ray scattering of collagen-based materials by table-top small and wide angle microscopy, Teresa Sibillano
MS2 – P23: New poruos 3D-metallacrown-frameworks: the goal of ligand crystal engineering, Vittoria Marzaroli
MS2 – e-P6: Structure and Host-Guest Interactions of Perylene-Diimide Dyes in Zeolite L Nanochannels, Lara Gigli
MS2 – e-P7: A Comprehensive Structural and Morphological Characterization of ZnO Nanocrystals with Tunable Band Gap, Federica Bertolotti
MS3 – P24: Dehydration and high temperature behavior of zeolite ferrierite, Riccardo Fantini
MS3 – P25: REE minerals and REE-bearing minerals from Água de Pau syenites (São Miguel, Azores islands, Portugal), Enrico Scricciolo
MS3 – P26: XAS study of the Lithium storage mechanism in transition metal doped ZnO anodes, Angela Trapananti
MS3 – P27: Sustainable synthesis of quaternary sulphides: the problem of the uptake of Zinc in CZTS, Francesco Di Benedetto
MS3 – P28: Cation disorder and tourmaline structural stability: Investigation on iron speciation and site partitioning in a high-Fe schorl, Giovanni B. Andreozzi
MS3 – P29: Effect of water substitution on the HP-HT behaviour of Mg-pure brigdmanite single crystals, Sabrina Nazzareni
MS3 – e-P8: High-pressure and high-temperature behaviors of intermediate scapolite by in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction, Paolo Lotti
MS3 – P30: X-ray diffraction study of diamonds from the Almahata Sitta meteorite, Marta Morana MS3 – e-P9: Engineering biomimetic nano-Apatites as smart nanofertilizers: Chemical and crystallographic characterization, Gregorio Dal Sasso
MS3 – P31: HP intrusion of different electrolyte aqueous solutions in Si-chabazite: from spring to bumper/shock absorber behavior, Giorgia Confalonieri
MS3 – e-P10: Dellagiustaite: A novel natural spinel contaning V2+, Fernando Cámara
MS3 – P32: New low temperature polymorph of bornite: synchrotron light and DFT investigation, Andrea Giaccherini
MS3 – e-P11: Iron oxidation dynamics vs. temperature in synthetic potassic-ferro-richterite: a XANES investigation, Federico Galdenzi
MS4 – P33: XRD2 – The dedicated Macromolecular Crystallography Beamline at Elettra, Maurizio Polentarutti
MS4 – e-P12: CO2 absorption in Y zeolite: a structural and kinetic view by PCA analysis, Marco Milanesio
MS4 – e-P13: Approaches to increased throughput, automation and serial crystallography at Diamond Light Source, Marco Mazzorana
MS4 – P34: Tracking photo-generated carriers in WO3/BiVO4 photoanodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting: XAFS simulations and design of a sample cell for operando measurements, Alberto Piccioni
MS4 – e-P14: Kinetic Inductance Detectors for X-ray science, Ivan Colantoni
MS4 – e-P15: Optimized Sample Centering for Best Your Experimental Results, Martin Adam
MS4 – P35: Analysis of Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Pattern of Ball-Milled Silicon Powder by Williamson-Hall Method, Abhay Bhisikar
MS4 – e-P16: Structural Biology at the European X-ray Free Electron Laser, Marcin Sikorski

Session 2: MS5 – MS11

MS5 – P1: Cryo-EM structure of the Glutamate synthase complex at 3.91 Å, Paolo Swuec
MS5 – P2: NuMA:LGN hetero-hexamers cluster Dynein motors at the cortex to orchestrate spindle orientation, Francesca Rizzelli
MS5 – P3: Single particle Cryo-EM and 3D reconstruction of Helycobacter pylori HtrA, Alessandro Grinzato
MS5 – P15: Plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPases in health and disease, Francesca Vallese
MS6 – P4: Vapour phase growth and characterization of GaS, Giovanni Attolini
MS6 – e-P1: Formation dynamics of QDs grown on miscuted GaAs(111)A surface, Artur Tuktamyshev
MS6 – e-P2: Annealing temperature and Ge amorphous thin film thickness dependence on solid state dewetting process on Si (001) with 1μm SiO2 layer, Dimosthenis Toliopoulos
MS6 – e-P3: Fabrication of Entangled Photon Using High-Temperature Droplet Epitaxy, S. Bietti
MS7 – P5: Sample environments for BioSAXS and applications, Stefano Da Vela
MS7 – e-P4: In-situ XAS study of carbon-coated ZnFe2O4 anode material for lithium-ion batteries, Matteo Ciambezi
MS7 – e-P5: Anomalous behavior of Nb3Sn local atomic structure revealed by XAFS and RMC models, Irene Schiesaro
MS7 – e-P6: LISA: the Italian CRG beamline at ESRF, Francesco d'Acapito
MS7 – P6: Long-lived nonthermal electron distribution in aluminum excited by femtosecond extreme ultraviolet radiation, Federico Boscherini
MS7 – P7: Structure and atomic correlations in liquid alloys and molecular systems: a XAS and reverse Monte Carlo study, Angela Trapananti
MS7 – e-P7: Challenges and opportunities of a plasma-driven FEL facility at INFN-Frascati, Enrica Chiadroni
MS8 – P8: Structural Analysis of Small Molecule Inhibitors of BAZ2A and BAZ2B Bromodomains, Andrea Dalle Vedove
MS8 – P9: Donepezil-like Compounds as AChE and BACE-1 Inhibitors, Doriano Lamba
MS8 – e-P8: The solid state assembly of cyclic tripeptoids, Consiglia Tedesco
MS8 – P10: Correlations among solubility and crystal structure: a crystallographic and spectroscopic study of the antimalarial drug piperaquine, Pietro Sacchi
MS8 – P11: Structural and biophysical characterization of novel GSK-3β inhibitors, Valentina Piretti
MS9 – e-P9: Understanding the ordering of cation sub-lattice in AgBiS2 nanoparticles for photovoltaics by EXAFS, Jagadesh Kopula Kesavan
MS9 – P12: A green and low temperature hydrothermal synthesis of Zn, Mn, Co and Ni ferrite nanoparticles and their characterization: a systematic screening and a combined analytical approach, Silvia Gross
MS9 – e-P10: A bioconjugate of newly fabricated polypyrrole–methyl anthranilate functionalized “worm-like” titanium dioxide nanocomposite with lipase as promising nanobiocatalyst: spectroscopic and molecular docking insight, Mohd Shamoon Asmat
MS10 – e-P11: Calcium phosphates crystallized on Carrara marble after phosphate-based consolidating treatment, G. Diego Gatta
MS11 – P12: Early stages of galvanic corrosion of stainless steel, Debi Garai
MS11 – e-P12: Microstructure evolution in co-crystal reaction by in-situ mechanochemical reaction, Paolo P. Mazzeo
MS11 – e-P13: Interface effects on magnetic properties of MgO/Co/MgO trilayers, Ilaria Carlomagno
MS11 – P13: X-ray absorption spectroscopy for the characterization of fuel cells catalysts in operando conditions: Capabilities of the XAFS beamline at synchrotron Elettra (Trieste, Italy), Simone Pollastri
MS11 – P14: Selective capture of CO2 by FAU zeolites: in situ X-ray diffraction results, Michelangelo Polisi

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